Internet Marketing Business Mindset – 3 Reasons Your Customers Need To Take Action On Your Products

Written by geordiejimb

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Having the appropriate Internet Marketing Mindset is critical when building an Internet Marketing Business.  Building a business inevitably involves learning new skills, and for the most part, as Internet Marketers, we learn these skills online – often from buying information products.

I’m willing to bet that, like virtually any Internet Marketer out there, you have bought an information product online, with every intention of working through it and immediately taking massive action based on what you learned, and applying it to your Internet Marketing Business… and then either not got around to actually implementing anything, or even worse, not even finishing the product.

Why do you think that is?

Understand Yourself First

Once you understand why you yourself do it, and know what to do to help you take that action and get those results you desire, you can take this knowledge and pass it along to people who buy your products, and people you work with.

It should be obvious why you need to be taking action when you learn new skills – it’s how you get results, and how you grow your business.

A bigger question is why should you care if people who buy your products take action from that purchase?

How many people do you think you are helping if you take their money, but they don’t do anything as a result of the purchase?

You might not care if they don’t do anything since they paid you first, but there are so many other benefits to having inspired customers than just the cost of the product.

3 Reasons Why You Should Care That People Who Buy Your Stuff Actually Take Action On It


What impression do you think people will have of you if they buy your stuff and never use it?

- How many testamonials will you get?

- How many word-of-mouth referrals?

- How can you be the expert if no one ever talks about you or your products?

Repeat Sales

When was the last time you bought a book, didn’t read it, but jumped to get the sequel because the first book was so great?  Would you grab a movie sequel if you never saw the original?

- Do you think that your name will be fore-front in their mind because of the awesome product they never read?

- Do you think that’s the recipe for repeat business?

If people don’t consume and act on your product, they aren’t very likely to think of you for additional products and services.

Peace Of Mind; Yours!

Hopefully, as an ethical Internet Marketer, you care enough to want to produce quality material – don’t just slap out some old crap and hope people buy it so you make a quick buck.  Invest some time and make a product that really solves a problem, addresses a need, and provides your customer more value than they paid for.

Giving your customers something of value to them, and solving a problem they have is a great way to leave your mark on that person, and a great boost to your peace of mind, your confidence, and your belief in yourself.  This is the feeling we strive for at the end of the day – feeling good about what you are doing in life!

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