Internet Marketing Business Essentials – 5 Compelling Reasons To Blog

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Gone are the days when building an Internet Marketing Business consists of a flat HTML sales page and pumping traffic to it.  While this may still have it’s place, the marketplace is drowning in competition, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to rank for organic traffic in the search engines.

Instead, here are 5 compelling reasons why you should ‘Blog’ to build your business.


Self-hosted blogs only cost as much as the domain name, and the monthly hosting fees – somewhere in the region of $10 to buy, and $10 per month to host.  Unless you pay for design or setup, the only extra cost is your time and effort – something Internet Marketing Business beginners usually have more of than cash.

Ease of use

I highly recommend using the WordPress Blogging platform – one of the reasons is the ease of installation – a couple of minutes almost entirely automated and your site is up and running.

With the right plugins and theme your techy SEO stuff is done for you, all you have to do is add the content.


The whole point of a blog is to be able to say your piece, speak your mind, get your views out there, and for an Internet Marketing Business you want people to know who you are, like you, and trust you so that they will continue coming back to your blog, and eventually so you can monetize your followers.

Your blog allows people to learn about you, get to know what you stand for and what you can offer them.   You can brand yourself through your Blog Name, Header Image, Logo, About Me page, in every post, your comment replies, and even through your giveaways.

Social Media Integration

This is a big deal – through the various plugins and widgets you can integrate most of the popular Solcial Media sites with your Blog to help syndicate your posts and content out to wider audiences, and give yourself a better chance of sending your material viral.

This integration keeps content moving between networks and helps save you time having to socialize and update each Social Media site separately.

Search Rankings

It’s very hard to rank static websites – the search engines are also taking updates and human-type interaction into account when they rank your pages – and a blog is a perfect solution to both.

Write great content, syndicate it out to your Social Networks, generate traffic and interaction through comments and re-posts and the search engines will love your site.

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