Have you Ever Tried To Saw With The Back Of The Blade? – The Mental Dimension of Renewal

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Mental Dimension of RenewalIn his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr Stephen R. Covey discusses the importance of Renewal and Rejuvination as being a combination of four dimensions: Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Social/Emotional, with each being equally important to achieve a balanced and successful life.

This article is going to explore the Dimension of Mental Renewal, and offer some ideas for how to keep your mind sharp.

The Mental Dimension

The Mental Dimension is what can be considered the benefit of learning and education – in the same way you need to physically exercise to stay in shape, your mind needs continuing exercise to stay sharp.

This can be acomplished in a variety of ways from reading great literature, writing your own journal, planning your days and weeks ahead of time all function to keep your mind active.

Seek First To Understand

It’s helpful from an overall rounding effect to vary your efforts outside of your particular discipline; garnering for yourself a broader cultural understanding, or a wider scientific or political understanding,  will help you maintain an open mind, allow you to consider things from another point of view,  and allow you to interact with other people with a far deeper understanding of their point of view.

This helps to understand another viewpoint first, before you express your own.

How To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Intellectual activities, those that involve pushing the mind to new places, are easy to find but after the end of our formal education is an area in life that the majority of people stop doing.

Reading: Reading for an hour a day is an amazing way to keep your mind active and growing – assuming you read the right kind of books: biographies, National Georgraphic, the Classics are good examples.  Trashy gossip magazines and romanace novels are best avoided.  Stimulate your mind, don’t strangle it.

“Read voraciously. And if you don’t understand that word… well, our point exactly.”

~Quoted from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Training material

Writing: Another excellent way to sharpen your mind is to write.  Keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences; write articles, write real letters instead of brief emails.  Really focus on what you are thinking and feeling at the time

Planning & Organizing: Most of us plan ahead and give thought to what we want to do today, this week, this month, etc but how many of us take the time to write it down?  To really think and plan it out in detail?

Planning and Organizing your time is another way to keep your mind sharp.

As an Business Analyst, much of my time was spent:

Reading ( for motivation, inspiration, self development, learning new skills, following trends).

Writing (business cases, process analysis, project proposals).

Organizing & Planning (project plans, test cases, project summaries).

As an Internet Marketer, I find myself doing the same three things over and over:

Reading (learning new skills, researching new topics, reading others posts and articles)

Writing (Articles, Blog Posts, Info Products)

Planning & Organizing (my daily to-do list, my weekly to-do list, my next website, my next report)

If your business or work doesn’t provide enough opportunity for growth, pick up a new hobby that will.

Outside of my business I’m an avid art fan, I love reading the 18th century classics, and having children I am constantly looking for, creating, and planning new activities to help them grow.  What gets your creative juices flowing?

Have you read The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by Dr Stephen R. Covey?  I’d love to hear what you thought of the book, and of this post especially, please leave a comment below.