Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Free Traffic

Written by geordiejimb

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Essential to any Internet Marketing Business is Traffic.

Internet Traffic: is the flow of people online who visit, or see, your page, post, banner, advert, or offer.

This article is only going to discuss the concept of ‘Free Traffic’ – meaning simply that you didn’t have to pay any money to get it.

In pretty much every method of generating traffic there is going to be some work required on your part.  In some cases you’ll do the work once and reap the rewards over time, and in other methods you are required to continually be putting the effort in.

I’m not going to get into Outsourcing or Automation of any of these techniques, although pretty much every task in building your Internet Marketing Business can be automated or outsourced.

Below is an easy to implement free traffic strategy to help get your Internet Marketing Business in front of plenty of fresh new eyes:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Anytime you build a new website it’s always worth taking the time to do it right.  Good SEO will help boost your organic rankings in the search engines, and will increase the effect of any back-linking efforts you make for your site.

Article Marketing

Writing articles is a powerful method for attracting free traffic – you get to showcase your expertise on the subject to your target audience, and you get to build back-links to your website to help in both traffic flow, and organic search engine rankings.


Find forums related to your product or offer (often called your niche) and begin to contribute to them.

Ask questions, answer questions, post topics and surveys, post your relevant articles, and in every case be active and engaged with any replies you get.

Most forums will allow links in your profile signature back to your website, and the aim is that some of the people reading your posts and comments will click those links.

Document Sharing

Remember those articles I mentioned above?  Convert them into a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF and get them out on the doc sharing networks.  It takes hardly any time at all to paste your article into a text editor, add a nice cover page or tweak the formatting to make it look nice, and it’s job done – a new piece of content to be shared with the world.


Best yet, you can take that same article and make a video for it – you can make a video where you talk about the material in person to the camera, or if you are camera shy you can use the main points from your article to create a slideshow and convert that into your video.

There are free sites on the Internet where you can do this type of video for free.

Re-purposing Content

With this approach you are re-purposing your original content into different formats for wider distribution, the main benefit of this is not having to re-do the work that goesn into a new article to get more exposure.

Putting an article up on Ezine Articles, posting that same article to a relevant forum (or possibly an excert and link to the article itself), converting it to a PDF and sharing it on a site like Scribd, and then finally converting the main points into a slideshow for a video for YouTube…

All of these sites get lots of traffic on their own, and all your content includes back-links to your own website for whatever the offer or service is, and you will see a nice supply of fresh traffic to your website.

Rinse and repeating this process is far easier than writing tons more articles, or tons more forum posts all of which have to be unique in their own right.  This is working smart.

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