7 Benefits Of Writing Articles To Promote Your Business Online

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Writing Articles is definitely something you want to consider when building an Internet Marketing Business because it offers a large number of benefits in return for your efforts.

Here are 7 benefits of writing articles.

Position Yourself As An Expert

By writing high quality informative articles you are showcasing your knowledge and expertize on a particular subject, which can offer you awesome leverage when it comes time to ask your readers for something – a email address, feedback, or even to purchase something.

Personal Branding

Not only do you get to show your expertize, but you get to build a reputation too, people are more likely to trust people they know – and through continuous exposure to your content you’ll build the kind of reputation you deserve.

In most Internet Marketing Business models, you want people to know who you are, to like you, and to trust you – your branding can make or break a business.

You Get Back-Links

Almost everwhere you will publish your article wil allow you to backlink to your own website or blog.  Backlinks are essential for Search Engine rankings, in addition to the traffic you get from the article readers.  If a publisher picks up your article, you get more links.

You Get Traffic

You’ll get traffic both from the readers of the articles, and from improved search engine rankings, and in an Internet Marketing Business more traffic is always a good thing.

Hone Your Writing Skills

The more articles you write, the better you should become at them.  Article Marketing is a learnable skill, and so is article writing.  Don’t just write any old garbage, do your research both about the topics, and about how to write articles too.

You Can Get Paid

Some article submission services will pay you for articles submitted, for a certain number of page views, and a share of the revenue from Adverts they embed into your articles.

You can also get paid just for writing articles for toher people as a freelance writer.

Content Syndication

Articles make a great foundation for blog posts, e-books, videos, and Social Media status updates allowing you to leverage the work you did once and either re-purpose it into other formats for redistribution, or to share with your fans and followers for even more exposure, more links, and more traffic.

We all have to start somewhere – even if you suck at writing right now, writing articles is a learnable skill.

What other benefits have you found in your article writing and article marketing campaigns?  Leave a comment below and let me know, and if you liked this post, please share it with your friends.