7 Benefits Of Reading A Good Book That Can Help Grow Your Internet Marketing Business

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing, Mindset

Long before I was ever building an Internet Marketing Business, even as far back as I recall, as young as nine or ten years old, I was an avid book reader.  We read in school of course, but even outside of school I read voraciously.

Back then it was mostly fiction books.  When I progressed to a teenager I was on an even split between fiction and non-fiction (mostly history and art history books).

Throughout university I read books related to my studies, very practical, very technical computer programming and artificial intelligence books.

In mid 2009, after attending a motivational seminar, paid for by my employer, I became interested in more self improvement, and mindset type literature, which in turn lead me into Internet Marketing.

Since then I have noticed a change in my choice of reading material, and the benefits as a result of this change, to such a degree I thought it was worth listing and sharing the benefits of reading a good book, and how it’s helped me grow my Internet Marketing Business.


Self Improvement

One of the most important factors in being an entrepreneur of any kind, not just for Internet Marketing, is having the right mindset.  Society has a tendency to condition people into believing a good job is the key to success and happiness in this life, which is a belief you have to break before you can be successful as an entrepreneur.



In order to grow, you need to learn.  Reading is a great way to learn new skills for any aspect of life.  Choose your education wisely and build on the skills you already have.



Improved mindset coupled with improved education gives you confidence, and having confidence in your abilities improves your motivation to implement and take action, and also to keep you going through the hardships.



Reading other people’s stories and life experiences can be very inspiring; it can trigger you to aim higher, reach farther, and achieve more.



Setting time aside daily to read will make eventually turn your routine into a habit, and habits are the cornerstone of discipline.  Be disciplined in your reading and you will learn more, and feel more confident, amongst the other benefits noted in this article.



Learning and education aside, take time daily to read something not work related.  Immerse yourself in one of the classics and let your mind unwind from the stresses and pressures of your day.  This is a good way to unwind before bed.



Your mind is like a muscle in that it needs constant effort to sharpen, and constant rest to heal.   Those same books that help you relax before bed at night have a larger impact on the general health of your mind, helping you retain a balance between learning and relaxation.

Your mind needs to renew itself constantly to maintain optimum health.


If you look at the emboldened titles in this post, you will see a collection of attributes highly relevant to growing any business – Education, Motivation, Inspiration, Discipline – and you will get them all simply from consistently reading the right set of books.


Do You Have Any Recommendations?

Do you have a book to recommend, for learning? For relaxation?  Please let me know in the comments below, and feel free to invite your friends into the discussion by sharing this post with them.