Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Free Traffic From Forum Marketing

Written by geordiejimb

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Forum Marketing is just one of the many ways of driving free traffic to your Internet Marketing Business.  Let’s see how it works…

What is Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing consists primarily of finding forums related to your niche, and making posts.  Most forums allow you to include some links in your signature, which can be links to your website, blog, or even affiliate pages.

This does vary from forum to forum, so pay attention to the forum rules before you start posting, to save you time and effort at the risk of being banned for breaking the rules.

Each time you post a reply, or better yet, post a topic for discussion, people who read your posts will see your signature, and the aim is that some of those people will click a link in your signature.  The more interactive and helpful you are, the higher the odds of someone liking your commentary and then clicking on your link(s).

Replies will get some traffic, but making the original new post gets more exposure, and if you reply to the comments your post receives you get a lot more views, and subsequently more link clicks.

How Do you Find Related Forums

The best way, in my opinion,  is good old Google to search for forums related to your niche; if your niche was pet grooming, search Google for “Pet Grooming Forums”; if your niche is garden shed plans, search for “Garden Shed forums” or “Home and Garden forums”.

Browse the results and look for active forums, check the new threads, the number of replies and so on – your Internet Marketing Business will only thrive on active forums, take the time to find good lively active forums before you start posting.

Quick Steps Guide To Forum Marketing:

1. Find active forums related to your niche.

2. Join the forum, and create a profile.

3. Add website links for whatever you are promoting to your signature (following the forum guidelines)

4. Start posting on the forum in a meaningful way

- Answer questions

- Ask questions

- Post useful articles

- Get to know the Forum regulars

- Post Surveys

- Post Reviews

Give Value In Your Posts

The more posts you make, and the more threads you start, the more exposure and views you will get, and the more useful , relevant, and valuable your posts are, the more clicks your links you are likely to get.

Tip of The Day – Re-purpose Your Content

If you are involved in any sort of article or content marketing for your Internet Marketing Business, much of that content will probably make for great forum posts, allowing you to re-purpose one piece of content on another platform, giving you better exposure and saving you time and effort.

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