This Really Simple Syndication Technique Can Lead To Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Article Marketing can be a powerful tool when building your Internet Marketing Business, but it doesn’t end when you submit the article to an Article Directory.  This article will explain what an RSS feed is, how you can use them with your articles, and why you need to be using them to grow your online business.


What is an RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and an RSS Feed is a subscription-based delivery service that allows a website to send out updates to interested viewers who have opted in to receive updates from the site.

Instead of having to refer back to a website to check if there is something new there for you to read, the website can send you an update letting you know there is something new for you to read, which saves you constantly having to check the same websites over and over until they publish something new.


What is inside a Feed

Pretty much anytime you update your website, make a new page, or post a new article you will send a new RSS update to your subscribers.

If you have a blog (which I highly recommend if you are involved with building an Internet Marketing Business), every post you write will be automatically fed out to your RSS subscribers.


How Do I Read The Feeds

You can get a free RSS reader, or import the Feed into your email (with a quick Google search) that works much like an email client does – except instead of people sending you messages, the RSS feeds you have subscribed to will be sending you the messages.


How An RSS Feed Can Help Your Business

In addition to offering RSS feed subscriptions on your site you can also submit your feed to RSS Aggregator services.

When you register you’ll need to select a category for the type of information you will supply via your feed – Internet Marketing, Home Décor, Growing Vegetables, etc – when you submit, and then your feed becomes available for people to subscribe to from the aggregator site, which can be a huge new targeted audience for you to tap into.

It’s considered a targeted audience, because they will be finding your feed from having searched by keyword or category – so you know they are interested in the subject matter you are providing.


We Like Choices

Now, you can either post your articles through a Blog platform such as WordPress and take advantage of the built-in RSS feed, or you can create an RSS feed for pretty much any website or page on the Internet.

Whichever feed you use, make sure you invite people to subscribe on your site, and that you submit your feeds to the aggregator sites for increased exposure, and traffic.


More Suggestions

I have many other suggestions for what you can do with your articles after you publish them; I highly recommend you check out this post about Publishing Articles, and what you need to do with them afterwards.

What else do you do with your articles after they are published?  Let me know in the comments below!