Ringing A Doorbell Can Vastly Improve Your Article Marketing Efforts

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Article Marketing can be a powerful tool when building your Internet Marketing Business, but it doesn’t end when you submit the article to an Article Directory.  This article will explain what ‘pinging’ is, how it works, why you should ping your content, and how doing so helps grow your Internet Marketing Business.


What is a Ping

You can think of a ping as the ring of a doorbell on a search engine’s front door, and the visitor approaching the front door is your article.  As a visitor, you can choose to stand and wait until you get noticed, or you can ring the doorbell and tell the search engine you are there.

The doorbell itself is the service, but you still have to ring it to get noticed.


How Does Pinging Work

A ping simply tells the search engines that there is new content waiting to be indexed, and invites them to come crawl the website again.  It’s like receiving a notice from your dentist when it’s time for a check-up.  You would have remembered you needed one at some point, but a helpful reminder prompts for immediate action.


What Should You Ping

For Article Marketing, you should have RSS feeds for your author profiles, and everytime a new article is published you should ping the author profile.  The profile will contain the new link, and links to all your other articles, so if you missed one in the past, it will get picked up this time.

Your EzineArticles Expert author feed will be:


Where AUTHORNAME is the name on your profile.


How Does Pinging Grow Your Business

Pinging a new article helps to get the article indexed in the search engines faster, meaning it can be found sooner by people searching for your articles keyword phrase.  Since your Internet Marketing Business thrives on Traffic, the sooner you get your content noticed, the better.


Pinging Services

Like most tasks on the Internet there are services which offer to update multiple search engines from a single ping submission, and I highly recommend you use these when you are pinging your articles.  Two common services used are Ping-O-Matic and Pingoat.

For reference, here is a list of Pinging services my WordPress blog automatically pings when i publish a new post (You can add these to your own WordPress Blog under Settings > Writing > Update Services):


One Step Further

You may have already caught onto this, but in case you haven’t pinging isn’t just reserved for articles, you should be pinging pretty much everything you create online – if it has an RSS feed, ping it everytime you create something new, and if it doesn’t have an RSS Feed learn how to go make one.


I have many other suggestions for what you can do with your articles after you publish them; I highly recommend you check out this post about  Publishing Articles, and what you need to do with them afterwards.

What else do you do with your articles after they are published?  Let me know in the comments below!