Brian Clark, Copyblogger, and Onions. Or a review

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If you are trying to build an Internet Marketing Business there is one skill, possibly above all others that you need to master – copywriting.  If your online business model looks anything like mine, and relies on your blog, articles, and social media, then there is a second skill equally as important to master – content marketing strategy.

During my school and university years I wrote a lot of essays and term papers, so naturally I thought I was pretty ok when it came to writing.  Article Marketing and content marketing seemed to suit the skills I had… boy was I wrong!

Writing an academic paper is not the same as writing effective copy that will make people want to read my work, click my links, or visit my site.  I’m not trying to explain some complicated algorithm, or some complex computer program to construct and train a Neural Network to assist in converting highly technical scientific documents into plain English, in plain English (which is actually a topic I did tackle for my degree).,

When I began my Internet Marketing Business I had no idea what Content Marketing or Copywriting really involved, let alone how important the various elements that go into effective copy are – headlines are just headlines right?  Wrong.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a simple concept – you create content and spread it around in front of as many people as you can.

It’s a simple concept, but in the same way an onion appears to be a simple vegetable on the surface, Content Marketing has hidden many layers, there are many varieties each needing a different kind of nurturing.

Most people, its possible there are some, don’t buy an onion for its peel.  People buy an onion for the layers inside, the taste, and the enhancement of flavor in the food it may be combined with in the meal being prepared – the onion makes the meal more appealing, more interesting..

Good Copywriting is like the onion, it can greatly increase the appeal of your content, and make your writing more interesting.  Yes, good copywriting can also sting your eyes and make them water, another attribute shared with the humble onion.


What Is Effective Copywriting?

In Brian Clark’s own words, copywriting is

“…using the right words in the right persuasive way…”

Effective Copywriting is a learnable skill, it follows rules like a science, and, at least in my opinion, is most definitely an art – it taps into the creative parts of our brains while we write it with the goal of tapping into someone’s curiosity when they read it.

Creating compelling content determines everything from the amount of traffic your site receives, how you rank in the search engines, and ultimately how many of those visitors you convert into loyal followers, and even into sales.

It didn’t take me long to stumble across a little website called, created by a guy called Brian Clark, and if you want to talk about how many hours you can ‘waste’ educating yourself about copywriting, I can tell you, you’ll need hours to go through this site, and you’ll keep coming back for more… hmm hold on, doesn’t that sound like awesome copywriting at work?


Who is Brian Clark?

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

A former attorney of all things (attorneys not having any interest in how people think, or working out how to persuade people to their point of view), Brian Clark has successfully founded several offline and online business over the years, including the one I am interested in,


According to his Bio on the CopyBlogger website:


With Copyblogger Media, Brian seeks to empower online writers and content producers to command attention, create engagement, and influence people as powerful players in the new media revolution.


What Is

CopyBlogger isn’t just a website, nor even just a blog – it’s a one-stop free resource for anyone interested in learning copywriting, and more importantly, in practicing copywriting the right way.

Heavy handed sales techniques have jumped online just like everything else has, but these techniques don’t work so well online; there is a smarter way of marketing, and is an excellent resource for not only teaching you how to market online smartly, but also explain why this is how it’s done best.

If you have any background in a highly regulated field, or highly structured business model you should be familiar with the term ‘Best Practice’ – To me, CopyBlogger is the online marketers best practice guide to copywriting and content marketing.

Brian, and team, continually throws out inspiring, educational, instructional articles guiding you through the Copywriting and content marketing maze.


Why You Should Read CopyBlogger

Social Proof is such an important resource in today’s Internet Marketing world, I felt this review wouldn’t be complete without some stats about Brian Clark and his website

  • The Blog has over 135,000 (Thousand) Subscribers
  • Twitter has almost 65,000 (Thousand) Followers

Go read a few of the posts, most of them have literally hundreds of replies, and hundreds of people reposting the articles on Twitter and other Social Media sites.

Even Technorati (heard of them?) has rated as one of the most popular blogs in the World…  In the World!

Brian has been featured in about a dozen books (those paper things we used to read before computers) including Linchpin and Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin, Trust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith, and ProBlogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.


What Topics Does CopyBlogger Cover?

Copywriting is only one of many topics covered on, which include:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Headline Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Pages
  • Internet Marketing

There are, something like, a total of 40 Categories archived over 5 years – an awful lot of free resources.


So, Why Am I Writing This Review?

There are five years of archives on copywriting, content marketing, SEO, internet marketing, writing headlines, doing keyword research – pretty much everything you need to think about for content marketing and writing effective copy. is a free website, so I’m not writing this to make money on affiliate referrals, as far as I know Brian isn’t planning some big product launch that I’m warming you up for either.

Fact is, I find to be one of the best and most useful resources online, and I urge you to check it out.  It’s just awesome quality stuff, worthy of a recommendation without any sales pitch, hidden agendas or other funky marketing ploys.

If you haven’t done so before, go check out


Right now.

If you already familiar with and Brian Clark, please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think about both the man and his blog.