Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Keyword Research

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What Are Keywords?

Keywords simply refers to the word or phrase you type into a search engine in order to find pages relative to what you are looking for.

So, if i want to find out about keyword research, for example, i might type just the single word ‘keywords’ and run the search.

That’s going to give me a TON of results though and most won’t be what I want, so i would probably want to refine my search further and type in something more specific to what i’m looking for – in this case ‘keyword research’, or even more specific, ‘keyword research tools’.

The more specific your are in your search, the more relevant the pages returned should be.

Why Are Keywords Relevant?

At some point in your Internet Marketing Business you are going to need to get your webpages in front of the eyes of prospective buyers – this is where web traffic comes in.  The more traffic that visits your page the more people you will potentially have subscribing to you, or buying whatever it is you are offering.

It makes sense that, all else being equal, the more traffic you get, the more subscribers you get, and the more sales you will get.

Keywords are relevant for two primary reasons:

1. The more specific the keyword phrase is that you optimize your website to attract, the more targeted the prospect is that will land on your site.

This is important because it increases the likelihood that the visitor will subscribe, and will eventually make a purchase.

2. Good keywords can give you far higher amounts of traffic from the search engines than you would otherwise get if you hadn’t optimized appropriately.

The more visitors you get, the more subscribers and sales you will generate.

Short and Long Tail Keyword Phrases

There are two types of keyword we need to  be aware of:

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail means there aren’t many words in the search phrase, two or three at most – like in our examples above:


keyword research

keyword research tools

Long Tail Keywords

Following on from short tail, long tail means having more words in the search phrase, for example i might search for:

Keyword research tools review

What is the best keyword research tool

How do i know a good keyword phrase

How Do You Determine A Potentially Good Keyword?

Short tail keywords have a lot more competing pages because they will show up more often – note that our short tail phrases all appear in the long tail examples above.

The more words you add to your search, the less pages should be returned, indicating less competition for this specific phrase.

On the flip-side of competition, you will find that the search volume for long tail keyword phrases is lower than the search volume for short tail keyword phrases.

So what you need to look for is that middle ground where you are getting a high enough search volume with a low enough number of competing webpages that you can stake a claim in that space and get enough of that traffic coming to you to make the effort worth while pursuing.

Give Yourself A Fighting Chance

To give yourself a fighting chance, try to find keywords that get over two thousand global searches per month, that have less than about fifty thousand competing webpages.  You can work with less searches and with higher competing pages, but the more outside of these you go, the more competitive it will get.

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