Breaking News! The Benefits of Article Marketing Go Beyond Backlinks!

Written by geordiejimb

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The empty Book Writing articles, and article marketing, form a core portion of my Internet Marketing business strategy, so naturally I want to do it right.

Once-upon-a-time articles were written to share knowledge, or expertise, on a subject, and people read them to educate themselves, learn something new, or because they simply peaked interest.

More recently article marketing seems to have become just another way to generate backlinks for a site, and while this is important, in my opinion, they shouldn’t be the only reason for writing.

Here are three benefits of article writing that include, and go beyond, the benefit of the backlink.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Articles can definitely play a part in getting a website, or web page, to rank highly in the search engines.

Not only can the link help boost your search engine ranking, but the article itself can rank highly, and the traffic can flow from the search engine to your article to your site through links in the article.

  • Article Directories tend to have a high Page Rank (with Google) which makes it easy to rank in Google.
  • Can be SEO optimized through keywords, and related keywords used in appropriate amounts.

You should also be creating social bookmarks for your article, again to give more backlinks.



People read articles; I know from experience that people view mine, and I know that I read articles as part of researching topics.  Spreading articles around helps gain you, and your website, more exposure.

  • Good articles can expect hundreds or thousands of views with only a little promotional effort.
  • Established article writers can expect return readers, and recommendations.
  • Articles can easily be picked up by Ezine Publishers and shared by readers.

It’s easy to share a link to your article on your various Social Networks, and it’s not uncommon for a good high quality article to go viral – for your readers to share it on their networks and with their friends.



Solid writing that gives value to the reader boosts the reputation and authority of the author.  You can earn a reputation for ‘knowing your stuff’ and being someone to listen to through consistent high quality article writing.

Having good authority can be an excellent way to improve the amount of traffic your articles drive to your website.

In all three cases (SEO, Exposure, and Authority) the benefits of article marketing grow over time.  Your articles don’t go away, and the more you work at it the greater the benefits will be over time.


Do You Write Articles?

What is your opinion on writing articles, and article marketing?  I’d love to hear your comments below.