The Benefit of Mind And Body Self Development

Written by geordiejimb

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It’s my firm belief that one can’t truly be both happy and successful without both physical and mental development.  Yes of course there are exceptions, but in general, and certainly for me, it takes both.


Why both?

When I am physically healthy I have more energy, I can concentrate better, and I’m better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

I can’t even imagine life without learning, without new experiences.  Mental health and development is ultimately the largest factor behind being successful in life.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn, the more I want to improve myself, both mentally and physically.


Working Out

Three times a week I hit the gym, and I hit it pretty hard.  I don’t give myself a lot of time, no more than an hour a session, so I need to make sure I use my time effectively.  I also have free weights at home I use every other day to ensure I get a full body workout every week.


Martial Arts

Taekwondo is both a physical and mental workout.  Twice a week I go to Martial Arts with my four year old daughter where we not only learn the moves and the forms of Taekwondo, but we learn discipline and respect also, for our instructors and fellow students of all ages.


Eating Healthy

Diet is a massive factor in being physically and mentally healthy, and while I’m not trying to be the next Mr. Universe, I do want to be in good shape – I want enough energy to outlast my kids when we play, and to get through every day without feeling exhausted.


Self Development Books

I read a lot.  I’ve always been a voracious reader and in recent years I’ve been devoting a significant amount of time reading self development material from authors such as Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins, and my favorite Dr Stephen R. Covey.


Self Development Audio

I spend over an hour most day driving places, so not being able to read I often plug in an audio CD from one of the authors listed above.


Raising Children

The ultimate in personal development, in my opinion, is raising children.  Watching another life develop and grow, helping to raise and teach that child, and learning from the experience is the biggest motivation for wanting to better myself.

I want my kids to grow with every advantage in life – a desire to be fit and healthy, to learn and seek new experiences.  With the right mindset from an early age, and the right motivation, they will find all of the material comforts you probably expected me to list when I said the advantages of life.


Can You Be Well-Rounded Without Both?

Do you think you can be your best-self without both physical and mental development?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.