How Important Is It To Pick The Right Affiliate Product Vendor-Type?

There are many angles you can take when building an Internet Marketing Business – Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Management, Web Services, Information Products, Coaching & Mentoring, and Membership Sites to name but a few… the list is almost endless.

The business model I’m most interested in is niche information products – supplying information products that educate folks and help solve their problems, and satisfy their needs.

One of the questions you need to consider each time you go through the process is whether you should promote something like a Clickbank product, or a product from somewhere like Amazon?

With that in mind I thought it would be helpful to lay out some of the pros and cons of affiliate products.


Affiliate Product Promotion

Some of the benefits of promoting products as an affiliate are:

  • Other people made them for you.
  • Product creator typically provides the promo tools (sales page, banners, ads, graphics).
  • Product creator works on improving conversion rate of their sales page.
  • All you need to do is drive traffic to a sales page.
  • With your site set-up right, if the product ever disappears or gets pulled, you can switch out the offer for another similar product without a great deal of hassle.
  • It’s possible to promote affiliate products without even having your own website.

Some drawbacks to promoting products as an affiliate are:

  • You are not in control of anything to do with the product – it’s quality, content, price, or availability.
  • If the product ever disappears or gets pulled this income stream may disappear, unless you can easily switch out for another similar product.
  • You are splitting profits with the product creator.


Clickbank-like vendors versus Amazon-like vendors

One other consideration when promoting products as an affiliate is where the product comes from, or where the buyer goes to make their purchase.  There are two main types of providers of affiliate products I’m going to discuss – Clickbank type networks, and Amazon type networks.

With Amazon you are only getting a small percentage of the cost of the item, whereas with Clickbank type products you are looking at often over half the sale price.  For comparably priced items this gives Clickbank a distinct advantage.

Where Amazon tends to shine is that you get their reputation behind the sales – do I buy from the largest online marketplace known to man, or do I buy from a webpage with only a paypal buy now button?

Amazon also has two more advantages:

  • You can easily promote multiple products within the same niche
  • Amazon ‘cookies’ traffic you send to them, so even if a person opts to not buy your offer, they may browse on Amazon and buy something else, and you can get the commission for that.

A lot of niches won’t offer options in both places, so this may never be an issue.

In the event you have both options, why not makes sites for both, and see how they perform against each other?

How do you decide where to find the product you promote?