My Head Is Full Of Big Rocks, Thanks To Dr Stephen R. Covey!

Written by geordiejimb

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Kids can sometimes be cruel.  It might not always be intentional, or meant the way an adult would interpret it, but kids can say some awful things to one another.

You’ve no doubt heard expressions like:

  • One can short of a six-pack.
  • One card short of a deck.
  • One slice short of a loaf.
  • Not all there.
  • Not right in the head.

All meant to convey the fact you aren’t overly bright, not too smart.

What A Head Full of Rocks Used To Mean

I remember, growing up in North East England, one of the expressions kids would throw around at each other went something like ‘you have a head full of bricks’ or ‘your head is full of rocks’.  It meant that you weren’t very smart because your head was so full of rocks and bricks that there was no room for any brains.

Needless to say, telling someone they had a head full of rocks was typically an insult to their intelligence.

What A Head Full Of Rocks Means Now

Now, some years later, I don’t need anyone to tell me that I have a head full of rocks; I know what is inside my head and yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s more rocks!

But these aren’t just any rocks, these are Big Rocks!

Bigger Rocks Means Less Room, Right?

How very observant of you to notice – if the rocks are bigger it makes sense there is less ‘other space’ inside my head, and that is a positive thing!  Let me explain why…

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

One of my favorite books is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Dr Stephen R. Covey.  I liked the book so much I even went through a training course that accompanies the book.

One of the concepts taught in the 7 Habits, is that of Putting First Things First, or correct and appropriate prioritization – focusing on the important tasks (or the Big Rocks), rather than just the urgent and less important tasks that crowd our daily lives we can be far more effective and achieve a lot more.

By focusing on the most important items, tackling the big issues first, and not worrrying about the small stuff until you have tackled the big stuff.

Being able to prioritize is a valuable skill in all aspects of life – for your job, at your business, in your home life – there are big rocks to tackle in every role we play in life, and one of the keys to being successful is being able to identify them correctly.

Check out this video of Dr Stephen R. covey explaining this Habit himself:

This is one of my favorite videos, let me know what you think in the comments below please!