Reasons To Start An Internet Marketing Business

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Do you have dreams?

Possibly something like one of these:

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  • Quitting that job you hate, and not needing another one
  • Traveling around the world
  • Owning the biggest house possible
  • Early retirement
  • More time for Family, or your Hobbies
  • Financial independence

Whatever your dreams are, a successful business could be the way to realize them.

Spending online and social networking online is increasing all the time; now is an excellent time to start thinking about having your own internet based business.

Still not sure, take a look at some reasons why you might want to start your own Internet business (in no particular order):

Low Cost Entry: It’s possible to run a profitable Internet business without even having a website, or with using free hosted websites, although these business models have more risks.  Having your own website costs nothing more than $10 for the domain name, and $10 month for hosting (if you splash out on a fancy hosting package).

Financial Freedom: We all dream of getting out of the rat-race, of being financially wealthy and independent, and not needing a job.  Your own business can offer financial freedom as one of many benefits.

Your Business can Work For You 24/7: Websites don’t tend to sleep, and while you are sleeping people half way around the world are bright eyed and bushy tailed actively searching the Internet for your product!  Don’t laugh, that’s exactly how it is.  You can sleep and still make sales, how cool is that?

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It Can Be An Investment: There are always buyers for successful businesses, and internet businesses are no different.  If you later decide to want to opt out, you can look to sell what you have built online.

Tax Benefits: Any home business offers certain tax benefits; an online business is no different – ask your local tax advisor for advice, you might be surprised what benefits you qualify for as a business owner, I know I was.

Additional Income Streams: Internet Marketing can be done as a hobby, or part-time in addition to having a regular job.  Having an extra income stream each month sure feels good, and still offers the option to turn it into a full-time income source.

Most Of It Can Be Outsourced: A very common online business practice is to outsource most of the work, particularly the time consuming pieces – content creation, research, and even some of the marketing.

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Writing
  • Product Creation
  • Software Development
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Link Building
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Management

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Money: One of the perks of any successful business is more money – money to pay those bills, go on vacation, to pay other people to do your work for you… money doesn’t necessarily guarantee happiness, but it can sure ease a lot of the burdens in life causing you pain.

Plan B: What would happen if you got laid off at work?  Having your own home business might just provide a back-up plan in the event it happens.  It’ll sure make paying the bills a lot easier while you are out of work.

Set Your Own Hours: Above pretty much any other business model, Internet businesses offer the greatest flexibility when it comes to what hours you work, and what time of day you choose to work them.

  • No more getting up at 6 a.m. in the freezing cold to shovel a foot of snow off your car and another foot out of the driveway.
  • No more missing out on those glorious sunny days down at the lake because you had to work.
  • Being able to attend your children’s school events every time.
  • Having the time to take that mid morning or early afternoon nap, just because you can.
  • Overtime? Ha! Never again.

More Time for Your Family: Having a business that can virtually run itself, and that allows you to pick and choose when you work gives you more time to spend with your family – your spouse, children, partner, or even just hanging out with friends.

Lifestyle: Imagine making money while you sleep, while you are out at the beach, or on vacation overseas.  Imagine the lifestyle you might have if you made the same money as you do in your job, but didn’t actually have a job… where would you go? What would you do?

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Work from Home: All it takes is a laptop or pc and an Internet connection and you have the tools you need to run an online business.  For that matter, you could work from home, from a hotel, from your local coffee shop or even your local library.

Can Be Ran From Virtually Anywhere You Go: If you have a laptop, or access to an Internet ready pc you can run an Internet based business.   I’ve even heard of people managing their businesses from their smart phones – certain online business model’s require very little time and work to maintain.

Time To Develop A Hobby Into Something More: I think most people who have hobbies would like to do more of them, wouldn’t you?  The Internet Marketing business model allows you to do that –you have options to turn hobbies into an income source, or you may opt to go for another income stream that frees up your time to just spend more time on your hobbies.

You Can Do It All Yourself: For the most part, pretty much anyone can learn the skills you need to build a business online.  Depending on your circumstances you may have more time than money to invest, so learn what you need and get your business started.  If it takes off you can always outsource the growth.

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Worldwide Reach: Name a country that doesn’t have Internet access?  I’m betting they are few and far between – just think of how big the worldwide information market is compared to owning a physical product business in your home town… it’s a BIG pond out there.

No Physical Products to Personally Handle: There are several Internet business models that involve no physical products of any kind – information products and software can be downloaded or sent directly to the customer.  No product, no shipping, no inventory management.  Even if you promote physical products, it will be typically done as an affiliate and someone else will carry the burden of making and shipping the product for you.

You Are Your Own Boss: Who doesn’t want to fire their boss and own the company?  Not so sure?  Build your business part time slowly and ease into the role of setting the hours, the rate of pay, the breaks, the dress code, the vacation schedule… you know you want the power!

Scalability: Built a successful website?  Build another one.  Have a good conversion rate? increase the traffic.  Build a list from the traffic your website generates, nurture a strong relationship and you have potential customers for years to come.

  • Multiple websites in the same niche
  • Websites in multiple niches
  • Creating new products
  • Offering services based on the skills you’ve learned
  • Coaching programs

Flexibility: Flexibility comes in many forms – choosing your own work hours, what you work on, who you work with, when you go on vacation, when you crawl out of bed, should you get dressed today?  The flexibility a successful Internet Business offers goes on forever….

Security: how good would you feel knowing that you have this side business just earning you money?  Maybes you are putting it into a school fund for your kids, your retirement fund, a vacation fund, reinvesting it to grow your business, using it to pay off bills faster… knowing you have done it once, and can scale it up and do it again.

Self-Esteem: How good are you going to feel about yourself when the money starts coming in?  How good will you feel when you tell your boss you no longer need or want to work for them?  How good will it feel to tell all those people who doubted you that you made it happen?

Self Improvement: You can’t build a business without learning a thing or two.  You can make an effort without some measure of self improvement – you just have to recognize it is happening.  Self Improvement is addictive; once you start you’ll want more, and more.

  • New Skills
  • New Knowledge
  • New Experiences
  • Enhanced Mindset
  • More Confidence
  • More Motivation

Giving Back: Often times, the most valuable thing you can give away is your own time.  Having a business that gives you time freedom allows you to give a lot more of yourself than you could when you worked 40 hours or more a week at a job.  All those local charity events, church events, Fundraisers, School activities… your choice…

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What Reasons Can you Think Of?

This list is by no means complete – people have different reasons for doing things, different motivators… what drives you? Why do you, or why did you, want to start your own Internet Marketing Business?

Check out my Chris Farrell Review page if you want top quality advice on how to get started, and let me know in the comments below what you thought of this post please!