The Benefits of Value-Packed Content in Your Articles and Blog Posts

Valuable Original ContentHave you ever written an article just for the sake of getting a backlink to your website?  An article where the content wasn’t the important part, just hitting the requirements and getting the backlink were the only goals?

Me either, but I have seen people recommending this, and I’ve even bought courses using this as a tactic for boosting website search engine rankings too.

While getting that backlink is one of the goals of any article I write, I like to also provide some benefit and value to the reader at the same time.

Yes, this often slows down my article writing process, but I think the benefits of doing so far outweigh the additional time and effort.  Let’s examine what those benefits are.


Practice and Improvement

I believe in always striving to be better, in every aspect of life.  I write a lot, but I also have a lot to learn about writing, and even more specifically a lot to learn about copywriting.



I get the opportunity to share my experiences with other people; I get to teach them what I know through articles and blog posts.  In a way, I am positioning myself as an expert on a subject, but only if I write with the intent to provide value and benefit to the reader.



What does a poor article say about the author?  I know you can use pen names and such, but I believe, even in those cases the article has more purpose than just getting a link.  I’d rather take more time, write something useful, and work on building a good reputation.


Click-Through Rate

Who is going to click on the link at the end of a terrible article?  Not me, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to from mine if what I wrote was pure junk.  Providing a valuable read to the reader vastly improves the chances of that person following your link, or reading your profile and other articles and posts.


Viral Exposure

Another goal, or hope, of writing blog posts and articles is to have them shared, to have them twitted, or socially bookmarked, or liked, and so on.  The further spread my content gets, the more exposure It get, and hopefully the more traffic it builds to my sites.

If your content is junk, who is going to want to share it with their friends?


What do you hope to get out of writing articles?  Let me know in the comments please.