Productivity Lessons Learned While Building My Online Business

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Articles, Time Management

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Just recently I’ve spent some time looking at how productive I was a year ago compared to how productive I am now.

I thought it might be helpful to share some of the lesson’s I’ve learned as a result.


Lesson 1: Working from Home Has Its Drawbacks

Working from home is the dream situation for a lot of people, even more so when that work you are doing is on your own business, not a job for some employer.  However, working from home has its drawbacks too that need to be considered and handled appropriately.

Dealing with Family Interruptions – if you are married, or have kids, you will have to manage access to your time.  Others who live with you need to understand that working from home means you are still working, and they need to respect your time and space.

Convenience of Home Life – does it matter if you sleep in late?  Stay up late? Can you see your wide screen TV from your desk?  Working in the evening, are you tempted to grab a beer?  While it’s nice to have the convenience of home life around you while you work, you need to find ways to be disciplined so that your work still gets done.


Lesson 2: Create Productivity Inspiring Habits

Once you have the working from home issues taken care of, you can look towards what you can do to make the time you do spend working more productive.

One of the primary reasons for starting my own business was to give myself more ‘free-time’ to do whatever I please, so it’s important to develop productivity habits to make sure that whatever time I dedicate to work pays off.

Some productivity habits to work on include:

  • Making Quick Confident Decisions.
  • Not Letting Mistakes Trip You Up.
  • Learning How To Focus on What is Important.
  • Learning How To Ignore the Non-Important.
  • Production Line Effectiveness.

It’s important to understand that not making decisions and being afraid of making mistakes is one of the biggest hurdles you will face.  It’s better to decide and act on that decision, for good or bad, than to delay making the decision and never taking action.

“Indecision is the graveyard of good intentions” ~author unknown


Lesson 3: Cement Your Productivity

The final lesson for today is to build on those productivity habits by giving yourself focus and direction.  If you have no destination in mind it doesn’t matter how fast you run you’ll never get there.

Try working on:

  • Remove Distractions during your work time.
  • Learn the Secrets to Your Own Personal Motivation.
  • Create an Action Plan.
  • Break every Goal into Actionable Steps – make it super simple.

Now, you have created a suitable work-conducive environment at home, you’ve worked on making yourself more habitually productive, you have removed distractions, and you have formulated a plan of action… tell me,in the comments below, what excuse do you have now for not getting things done?