4 Key Reasons To Give Your Best Stuff Away For Free

Free (New Kensington, PA)You’ve heard the expression ‘The Money Is In The List’ I’m sure.  Every Internet Marketer preaches it, and every aspiring Internet Marketer hopes to test and prove it.

That’s why we work so hard to build our own lists.  We want huge lists of people interesting in buying our stuff – online or offline, that’s business 101 really.

It might be a How-To Guide, or a webinar recording you did, or the transcript for an interview you did with someone important or successful in your market, or some software you wrote that helps your online business out, or even a free newsletter or email mini course… it can be any number of things, but the point is giving stuff away for free can be great for your business – so long as you do it right.

Let’s look at just some of the reasons why you might want to give your best content away for free.


Build a List

When you give away great content and valuable information for free, it’s very easy to get people to part with their contact information in return for getting it.  After all, it doesn’t cost anything to enter an email address and your first name into a web form, and look at the value you get in return.

List building is one of the foundational components of a successful online business.


Brand Yourself

If you are giving your best stuff away free, it makes sense to promote yourself while you do it.

If it’s an eBook include an about the author, or about your website promo page.  If it’s a video get your face on there at least to introduce yourself, and include splash screens showing your website right at the end.

Free content gets shared around; don’t miss out on the opportunity to get yourself out there essentially for free.



Encourage others who enjoyed your gift to refer their friends back to your site.  Include links back to your site in the content.  Add Social Bookmark, sharing, and like buttons to your opt-in page.  Tweet your link out asking your followers to retweet it for you.

Your list also becomes an easy future source of traffic for future promotions, so the bigger the list, the more traffic you are likely to drive to your pages.


Make Money

Well duh, isn’t this the point of having a business?  OK, so you won’t make money directly from giving away your stuff for free, but each time someone opt-in and your list grows you have a potential new customer.  Given time, and some careful nurturing, your list will become your income source.

Of course, after giving away something awesome, you need to follow up and continue providing value and benefits to your subscriber list.

Don’t hook them then spam them with affiliate links galore – overload your list with quality information, genuine product recommendations, and reviews.  Give them all your tips and tricks.

Seek their feedback,  answer their questions, take care of them, and when you do earnestly suggest something to buy to your list, you will see a much better response.

What’s your experience giving away stuff for free?  Let me know in the comments below, Thanks! :)