Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – Easy Tips For Meeting Your Goals

Written by geordiejimb

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Goal SettingDo you struggle hitting the goals you set for yourself?  Be it at work, or at home, setting goals is an everyday occurrence.  Unfortunately, for many people, actually achieving them happens a lot less often than setting them.

Here are 10 easy to follow tips to help you meet your goals:


Write Them Down – If the only place your goals exist is inside your head, you are both limiting yourself and setting yourself up for failure.  You will need a lot more goals than you can actively remember and organize in your head alone.

Make Them Specific – Generic goals such as ‘work-out’ or ‘lose weight’ are too vague, without the specifics it’s hard to track and measure performance, hard to judge success, and next to impossible to know whether a goal has been met or not.

Make Them Measurable – Adding measurements and metrics to your goals makes it easier to track performance.  Instead of ‘Improve Revenue’, try a goal like ‘Improve Revenue by selling 5 additional units per week’.

Build An Action Plan – No doubt many of your goals seem out of reach, or too grand, but with a good action plan you can break the goals into manageable chunks, or smaller goals to help get you there.

Be Realistic – On a grand scale, wild dreams and far-out goals are fine, but when you want to be able to actually realize your dreams they need to be broken up into attainable, realistic goals, with each goal becoming a milestone in your action plan.

Set Deadlines – ‘I want to lose 10 pounds’ is an admiral goal, but at what point are you going to judge if you hit it?  If you wait to hit the goal first you will struggle for motivation to get it done.  Every goal needs a deadline – a point in time when you will stop and assess if you hit the goal or not.

Be Accountable – Do you make goals then justify to yourself the reasons why you didn’t meet it?  It’s hard to diet over the holidays, or I was sick for a day or two, or I’ll add it to my goals for next month… all just excuses.  Be accountable to yourself for your goals, and if you struggle find an accountability partner to keep you motivated.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize – While you need small goals to aim for and to measure against, don’t lose sight of the big picture.  Always keep your mind and both eyes on your prize – looking good in a bikini, or being debt free, for example.

Celebrate Every Victory – Every goal you meet, every deadline you hit, no matter how big or how small they are, celebrate each one appropriately – a punch in the air, a happy dance, or a full blown victory cruise around the world… take your pick!  Celebrating helps keep you invested and motivated to push harder.

Review Them Often – No matter how good you are at setting goals, events occur that change what needs to be done.  Sometimes you will kind goals have been achieved as a side effect of something else you did, or that new goals need to be created.  You always need to be aware of what goals you are aiming for and make sure they are still in your best interest, and hitting them will still take you in the direction you want to go.


Setting goals is easy.  Hitting goals isn’t all that hard either when you set them appropriately and follow these easy tips.

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