What Is Squidoo and How Can I Benefit From Using It?

SquidooWhat is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a publishing platform and social community enabling you to let the world know your own views on any topic imaginable.  It’s a place where you can go and create a webpage (they call their web pages ‘Lenses’, just to be awkward) that allows you to voice your opinion about pretty much anything you want.


How Can I Benefit From Using Squidoo?

How you can benefit depends entirely on what it is you are trying to accomplish online, and listed below are some of the main reasons you might consider important to you.

Traffic: Lenses are a great source of traffic.  Well optimized lenses filled with quality valuable content on a high Google PageRank website will get a high listing on Google for starters (duh!).

Squidoo itself also has a high volume of visitors searching for information directly on the website.

More Traffic for your Website, Blog, e-commerce Store, Off-line Business – and for basically anything you want to promote on the Internet.  Sounds good to me!

Exposure – Do you have an opinion about something?  Publish it on Squidoo and let the online world know what you think, and share your expertise with others.  The Internet is such a diverse place, it’s almost certain other people are out there looking for opinions on any topic you happen to have an opinion on yourself.

Credibility: Are you an expert on a particular topic? The Internet is a hotbed of people needing direction and information, and if you have knowledge to share why aren’t you sharing it already?

In addition to the exposure you can get, publishing high quality lenses will earn you a massive amount of credibility in your particular field of interest.

Not One, But Two Ways To Make Money!

Ad Revenue: If your lenses generate a certain amount of traffic you can earn royalties from the Ads displayed.  The more high quality lenses you create, the more traffic you generate, the more royalties you can earn.

You can also donate the royalties from any of your lenses directly to Charity!

Selling Stuff Directly:  Did you know you include relevant items for sale on your lenses from sites such as Amazon and eBay?  Sign up as an affiliate on those sites and away you go.

Awesome combination for product reviews without the need to create your own website.

Content Creation Note: Including any kind of articles, websites, and information products - well-developed and written content is naturally optimized, meaning that it contains the right keywords (and related keywords) by default.  You don’t need to go back and try stuffing your content with the keywords you want to rank for if you develop your content the right way.

Have you build a Squidoo lens yourself?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.