How to Get More Traffic From Social Bookmarking

More Traffic, it’s a love affair that catches us all.  We create great content, write a great article or blog post, and want to tell the world about it.  We want that traffic; we want those eyeballs seeing our pride and beauty of a post.

One way to get that beloved traffic is through Social Bookmarking, but it only works when you do it right.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you generate more traffic from social bookmarking.

1.  Outstanding Content!

The Number One rule of content creating applies to Social Bookmarking too; the better your content, the better the results you will see when promoting it.

2 Write A Magnetic Headline

Who will see your outstanding article if the headline sucks?  Try to think more benefits than labels when writing your headline.  What is my benefit for reading the article?  That’s what will hook the reader.

3 Reinforce the Title

Social Bookmarking sites typically include a summary or description to go with the bookmark – while your title catches their eyes, your description is often the deciding in factor in someone actually reading your article.

4. Keyword Research

If you want your article to be found, it’s important to know what people are looking for first.  Appropriate keyword research will help you write for your intended audience, and help make the content itself easily found.

5. Make it Easy To Share

Use Social Bookmarking icons on your site or blog and make it as easy as possible for others to share and vote on your content, and encourage them to at the end of your article.

6 Be Social.

Being an active participant on Social Bookmarking sites and communities is a great way to get your links promoted and your content to rank on the Social Book Marking sites.  Build friendships and relationships on these sites just like you would on regular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

7. Add More Links

Link to other articles on your site or blog at the end of the article or post – try to keep people on your site longer and increase traffic to related pages as well as to the original post that got them onto your site.

Remember, your content needs to be good, your content needs to be found, and your content needs to be shared as much as possible, that’s the goal.

Following these steps will lay the foundation for generating quality traffic from social bookmarking sites.