3 Tips for Prioritizing Your Time More Efficiently

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Articles, Time Management

Another To-Do ListDo you find yourself running out of time to get things done?  Do you find yourself busy all day long but unable to show what you actually accomplished?  Is your business struggling because you just can’t seem to get the important things done?  Is your boss on your back because you didn’t get that important report finished on time?

You aren’t alone! – these are very common issues in all aspects of life – working a job, raising a family, and running a business – time is the most valuable commodity in all areas of life.

In most of these cases there are solutions to these problems, and it all comes down to proper planning and preparation.

Below are three tips to help you prioritize your time more efficiently.

Plan Ahead – Use of task or to-do lists is a great way to plan out what needs to be done in any given period of time.  For my business I have a plan for the next year, next month and for each week.  At the end of each week I plan out the specific activities to accomplish that week, and each night before bed I plan out the tasks for the following day.

Planning last minute tends to leave multiple things on my mind which makes it hard to concentrate at first, and not being able to fully focus is literally a waste of time.

By creating the list ahead of time, it gives your brain time to absorb the task list so that when you sit down to actually attack the task at hand you are better prepared to focus solely on that single task.

Prioritize The Tasks – Identifying the most important tasks is essential if you are to prioritize your time appropriately.  Identify those tasks that will have the biggest impact in that area of your life, and make sure you schedule enough time to get these tasks done first; and once the important tasks are done you can begin working down the list of remaining priorities.

By taking care of the most important issues first, you ensure they get done.  How many times have you had something that just had to be done, but didn’t get done because of all the other little interruptions and distractions you faced throughout the day?

Stay Organized – Know ahead of time what resources you will need to get the task done – the tools you might need, the amount of time it will take, the location it needs to be done at (to allow for travel time), and so on.

Keep a neat and tidy work area so it’s easy to work and find the things you need.  The more time you spend looking for something, the more time you waste, and the more frustrated you may become.

Knowing what needs to get done, in what order it needs to be done, and having a suitable environment to actually get it done are crucial to effective management of your valuable time.

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