10 Ways You Can Get Paid to Write

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Who doesn’t want to earn more money?  If you don’t, you can stop reading now, otherwise let’s do this.

The Internet offers almost unlimited opportunities for making money, and while some options don’t feel legitimate, or seem too complicated, or will take way too long to return on your investment, there are some other opportunities to make money online pretty quickly.

Quick disclaimer – we aren’t talking get-rich-quick or overnight millionaire status here, but if you are looking to get your feet wet in the making money online arena, this might be a good resource to get you started.

I’m going to give you 10 ways to get paid to write online, some of these apply to traditional writing as well, but I much prefer earning my money on the internet!


10 Ways To Get Paid To Write:


Articles – You can write articles for other people, and get paid to do so.  You will need to prove you are a competent writer and may need to do some research as part of the task, but there are plenty of opportunities for good writers.

Try Elance or Freelancer to get started.


Revenue Sharing Websites – There are a number of these sites cropping up where you write content, they host it and display your content with Ads embedded on the page, and they split the revenue with you.

Sites including:

This list is by no means exhaustive, i’ll be adding more over time.


Paid Reviews – Believe it or not, there are sites on the Internet that will pay you to review products and services – some sites will tell you what they need while others will tell you what to review.

Try sites like:


Blogging – Monetizing your blog with affiliate links and reviews and ads is a great way to capitalize on your blog traffic.  Keep it relevant and offer products that help your readers out for best effect.

For my blog  I include links to:

  • Hostgator - My Hosting Service
  • Aweber - My Autoresponder service of choice.
  • NameCheap - I bought this, and other, domain name(s) here.

You can include other links such as:

  • The Company that designed your blog, or the Theme you are using
  • Plus any related products and services you endorse relevant to the blog itself


Information Products – Create your own information products as eBooks and either sell them yourself or through an online marketplace, like Clickbank.


Copywriting – If you are good at writing copy, especially if you have a proven record, this can be one of the most lucrative writing gig’s around.  This can be hard to break into at first, but once you have some experience under your belt it will get a lot easier.

Try Elance or Freelancer to get started.


Become an Author – Write your own book!  Sites like Amazon allow you to prepare and format your book, and to sell it on their website.  Naturally the money is going to be split with Amazon doing it this way, but you avoid the hassles of traditional publishing.


Guest-Blogging – All blogs need fresh content, and not every blog owner has time or talent to keep their blog stocked day after day.  If you are an expert on something, and often even when you aren’t, there are blog owners willing to pay for quality content for their blogs.



Tutorials / Guides – Sites like eHow pay people to write guides for them.  These sites will usually tell you what guides they need at any given time, and typically have some tight guidelines you’ll need to follow, but do that and you are good to go.


Affiliate Reviews – Write reviews for a product you own, or have at least used, and use the review to drive traffic to a site selling the item(s).  You’ll get a referral, or affiliate, commission for the sales you help generate.  you can host these reviews on your own blog or website, build pages or on sites like Squidoo.


These are just 10 possible ways to make money by writing – which is best for you will depends on a number of factors, so take your pick and start trying them out, and let me know how you get along with them please!