5 Ways To Build A List

The money is in the list’ – tired of hearing it?  If you are trying to make money on the Internet there are ways to do it without a list, but you are missing out on so much opportunity to build relationships with a customer base, the opportunity to solve their problems, help them out, teach them things, and make some money in the process.

Here are 5 ways to help you build your list.

Do the Hard Work for Them – Whatever niche you are in there are probably tasks that are difficult, or very time-consuming; there will be new trends and products and services coming to market constantly.

Save people the time and effort of doing that research for themselves – do it yourself and share your own finding on your website or blog.  Write articles, make videos and audio recordings, and draw pictures and diagrams where appropriate.  You’ll become a valuable asset to people and they will willingly hand over an email address to stay up-to-date with you.

Solve Problems – A good marketer is going to spend a lot of their own time and effort determining what the problem areas are in their niche, and finding solutions to them.  This is, after all, the very crux of information product creation and marketing.

Solve people’s problems and you will become their hero, often quite literally – don’t you think that will earn you a following?

Add Value – There are numerous ways to add value to people’s lives, and whatever way you do it, you will be thanked with a following.  Find valuable resources to share, or do honest product and service reviews – the good and the bad – sometimes the best information is to warn people away from something.

Teach Stuff – Do you know how to do something specific?  Perhaps you are an expert blogger, writer, artist, public speaker, or software engineer?  You might be very successful at growing vegetables, or flowers, or adept at some form of craft like scrap booking or needlecraft.

Whatever it is you know, chances are there are people in your niche who want and need to know how to do it.  People love learning.

Give It All Away – The single best approach to list building is to take any of the above, take your absolute best stuff, package it up as an eBook or video and give it away in return for contact information.

Once you have a following you need to continue giving, and giving before you really solicit or ask them to buy anything from you.  There are some people who advocate selling, selling, selling and as long as you can keep adding to the list you’ll make money – but then the trick becomes constantly bringing in new subscribers day-in and day-out – that can be quite an effort.

It doesn’t take a lot to build a list, the trickiest part is actually getting started and doing it, and keep doing it, and keep doing it.

Do you agree?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.