Why Marketing Using Articles is Beneficial

Go and StopThere are many ways of marketing, especially on the Internet – blogging, search engine optimization, pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertising, banner swaps, social media, classifieds, video marketing, article marketing… the list goes on, and on.

So how do you chose what is the right approach for you to use?

To help you decide if marketing using articles is right for you and your business, here is a list of the benefits you can look to enjoy from a well developed article marketing campaign.


Branding – Not only do you get to show off what you know and help educate and inform your audience, you also get to promote yourself or your company at the end of the article in the resource box.  Quality articles help enhance the brand and reputation of the author.

Traffic – There are some very highly trafficked article directories and publishing websites on the Internet, with an audience just begging for information.  Properly keyword targeted articles can get in front of literally thousands of eyes daily.  Is your traffic light on green?

Exposure – Whatever it is you are marketing, the more good exposure you get the better.  Spread your articles around on the various publishing platforms to get your message out there.

Backlinks – One of the side benefits, and often the main reason people try article marketing, is to get a back link from the hosting site back to one of your own.  While these links are good, if you produce stellar content you will find others sharing your work more generating even more back links for you organically.

Search Engine Ranking – From those keywords mentioned above, and including the back links you are generating, your articles can swiftly rise to the top of the search engine results, and as we all know, a top ranking for a good keyword phrase can mean literally thousands of visitors to your pages.

PreSell or Warm Up – Not only are you educating people and improving their life somehow, but you are also warming them up to you.  If you consistently write good content and offer lots of value, people will come to like you, essentially starting the pre-sell process.

Persistent Content – Once published your articles don’t typically go anywhere.  Unlike most paid advertising where you have to pay continuously pay to keep the ads showing, your articles are there for life.

It Builds Over Time – Each new article you submit adds to the last.  Over time you can build quite an online presence through your articles, each time adding more back links, attracting more traffic, and improving your personal brand on a consistent regular basis.

There are many forms of marketing on the Internet – Marketing using articles is only one of them, but I hope the benefits laid out above show you that Article Marketing can be a very worthwhile addition to your marketing efforts.

What are your experiences of and with article marketing?  Tell me your story…