5 Article Marketing Disadvantages

Does article marketing really (or still) work?  If you’ve researched article marketing at all you will have seen both sides of an old argument – but the question in itself ‘does article marketing work?’ doesn’t help; it’s too vague; it lacks specificity.

Does a hammer work?  It does if you want to drive a nail into a wooden board, and have plenty of room to swing it, but it’s practically worthless if you want to put a screw into that same piece of wood.  Yes it will get the job done, but it will cause problems and isn’t the best tool for the job.


Does article marketing work?

To what end I would like to add?

Does it work for getting me rich over night?  Almost certainly not!  Does it work for helping my long term SEO goals?  Absolutely yes!

Now, while article marketing has its place, there are still several disadvantages to this strategy compared to other forms of marketing, and listed below are 5 of these disadvantages.


5 Article Marketing Disadvantages

Time-Consuming – Articles can take time to research, write, and get approved.  Even when you are, in fact, an expert on a topic there will likely still be research time – polling your market, researching needs you can solve, making sure the formatting, grammar, and spelling are correct and so on.

Not a get rich quick approach – Don’t expect to write two or three articles and get rich off them.  Expect to write lots of articles consistently over time, and work on building your long term business.

Business Changes – If you change business, you may have to start over from scratch.  The articles you have already written and submitted may not be relevant to your new venture, and the effort you poured into them has been lost.

Scalability – If you only operate a single website in a single market, then article marketing works great.  If, on the other hand, you operate multiple websites in multiple niches you are going to find yourself doing an exponentially greater amount of article marketing to keep them all well promoted.

Duplicate Content – There is a long running, and still in my mind unresolved debate, regarding duplicate content – what it is, how it affects your rankings, if you can still benefit from duplicate content or not, and so on.  Needing to write new fresh content every time can make article writing a slow laborious process, but it’s an issue you will encounter sooner or later as you try to scale up your article efforts.

Article Marketing is a solid foundation for cementing your reputation, showcasing your expertise, sharing your knowledge with others, building backlinks to your site, and boosting your search engine rankings, so long as you can overcome the disadvantages noted above.

What other disadvantages of article marketing have you encountered?

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