5 Article Marketing Advantages

There are some disadvantages and many advantages to article marketing, everything from the branding elements, to the backlink and SEO values – used in the right way to achieve the right goals article marketing can be a powerful tool.

Here are 5 advantages that should interest anyone looking for ways to promote their business, website, cause or other web property.

Long-term SEO and Traffic strategy – Backlinks are key in any long term SEO strategy, and article marketing is a great way of getting them, especially when the right steps are followed in creating the articles and getting them syndicated.

Easy to re-purpose content at need – Creating lots of articles might seem like a lot of work but, especially if outsourced in the first place, they offer a lot of potential for reuse through repackaging and redistribution:

  • A dozen or more articles on one subject can easily become a free give-away report.
  • Your best articles can easily be made into a pdf and shared through content sharing directories.
  • Take your main bullet points and create videos around them.
  • Read the content out loud, record it and you have a podcast.

The list is extensive.

Can be easily outsourced – As noted above, most of the pain involved in article marketing is the research and creation of the articles; and this can all be outsourced pretty cheaply and easily.

Branding as an expert in the field – An article should answer a question, address a need, solve a problem, express an opinion, provide a review, or give some sort of useful value to the reader, and in doing so you are telling the reader that you are an expert.  Over time and through many articles you can build a solid reputation just by expertly answering questions and concerns.

You may have outsourced some of these articles, but you should have done so with guidelines and instructions and have vetted the final piece before publishing, so you can still retain your expert status.

Can be entirely Free! – While outsourcing is an option, you can still create your own articles if you wish, and the only const incurred there is your own time.  Article marketing can be done entirely free, and you can earn money and even be paid for doing it.

A solid article marketing campaign will improve your search engine rankings, providing more organic search engine traffic to your site, set yourself apart as an expert in the field and help you build a solid reputation over time.

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