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If you are trying to build an Internet Marketing Business, you are almost certainly also using email.  Let’s face it, with the massive use of the internet, very few people aren’t using email.

How many emails do you think you send per day?

What is Email Signature Marketing

As simple as the name sounds, Email Signature Marketing is simply making use of the signature in your emails to unobtrusively advertise to whomever you sent the email to.

By including a link to your website, an image logo for your product or company, some Social Media links to your profiles, and even a tagline or “quote”, you have the opportunity to showcase yourself without actually selling or pushing anything on the reader.

Your email subject and body will have been something relevant to the person and may or may not have been related directly to your Internet Marketing Business (as ethical Internet Marketers we should not be spamming or sending unsolicited emails to anyone), but your signature block can be a direct promotion of whatever you wish.

I’d suggest having several signature blocks prepared for different purposes, and selecting the most suitable based on what you know about the recipient.

Elements of a Good Email Signature

Signature image from MyLiveSignature.  Even though it’s obviously not hand written, an image signature seems to be a little bit more personal than a typed name.

Personal Photo – helps recipients connect with the real person behind the email, much like videos help you conenct or relate to the person speaking better than a written letter.

Website Link – usually to my blog, sometimes to a product or affiliate promotion I am doing.

Social Media Profiles – typically I’ll include links to my FaceBook and Twitter profiles, and sometimes LinkedIn.  If you are active on YouTube or other Social Media sites more, include links to the top two or three in your profile.

Often times, people will click through to a social profile in preference to a website or blog because these profiles are seen as less ‘salesy’, but as a marketer it’s a good way to continue and build the relationship and leaves open other avenues to funnel that person to your list.

In the event you aren’t using Social Media as part of your Internet Marketing Business, it’s about time you started to!

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