Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Why You Need To Be Using Social Media For Free Traffic

Written by geordiejimb

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To be successful building and maintaining an Internet Marketing Business, as with most offline businesses, you need to be current with social trends.  You need to follow the crowd so-to-speak and get your advertisments in front of where ever the crowds are going.

It’s no good posting 30 foot tall billboards at the end of a back-alley in a run down neighborhood that people avoid for fear of being mugged, or worse.  How hard do you think it will be trying to convince people to go down that alley in the first place?

The same applies on the Internet – you need to get your adverts in front of where the crowd is going, instead of trying to direct the crowd to where your adverts are.

The current burning trend on the Internet that you need to be aware of when advertising your Internet Marketing Business is Social Media.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are adding millions of subscribers every month – so doesn’t it make sense to be where the customers are?

Social Media Sites

There are literally hundreds of new social media sites on the Internet, and what your Internet Marketing Business is targetting will determine which are the most suitable sites for you to target.

Pretty much regardless of what your business is, these big four Social Media sites will have an audience for your product or service.

FaceBook – The most popular, possibly too popular, of all Social Media sites – currently boasting 500 million active users and more page views per month in North America than Google.  To work your Internet Marketing Business on FaceBook requires social awareness, and conversational skills.

MySpace – One time bigger than Facebook, Myspace has seen a decline in relative popularity, but is still laden with millions of active users, and for the right markets can be a better source of traffic than FaceBook.

Twitter – Micro blogging service that seems to lend itself well to driving traffic.  Less socially involved than FaceBook or Myspace, Twitter makes it easy to build large followings, and for getting your posts, or tweets, to go viral between users.

YouTube – Owned by Google, the videos posted on youtube naturally rank well with the search engine.  Not only that, video is an exploding trend in Internet Marketing – people tend to connect better to videos of people talking live, not trying to hide behind squeeze pages and sales letters that lack the personal touch.

Social Media Marketing

Unlike long sales pitches of the past, endless testamonials, and bullet point lists of what you get from the product or service, social media marketing is very much conversational, and social, in nature.

Regardless of which, or how many, social sites you choose to use, you need to be careful not to spend too much time on these networks.  While the goal of using these sites is to catpure the interest of your prospects through naturally addictive social interaction, as an Internet Marketer you need to be concious of your time, and not get sucked into the same engaging activity you hope to apply to your prospects.

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