Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Free Traffic from Social BookMarking

Written by geordiejimb

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If you are building an Internet Marketing Business, chances are you are doing something on the Internet – building websites, writing blog posts, writing articles, creating videos, and so on.  Whatever you are producing, you want to get it seen, and Social Bookmarking provides a couple of benefits you want to take advantage of.

What Is Social BookMarking

Much like you add your favorite websites to the bookmarks in your Internet browser of choice, there are websites on the Internet that provide the same functionality.  The difference here is that these sites, such as Digg,  StumbleUpon, and Delicious, allow you to share your bookmarks with anyone, and everyone you care to.

How do Social Bookmarking Sites work?

In most cases, when you bookmark a webpage, you are going to provide some additional information to help people easily understand what the page is about, and to help people find the specific type of pages they are looking for.
You will provide the webpage address (URL), a title for the page, a brief description of the page contents, some keywords, and possibly a category for the contents of the page to help make your bookmkark easy to find.

Why Use Social BookMarking

As an Internet Marketer, you can take advantage of these sites to provide free traffic, higher search engine rankings, and increase the webpage’s general exposure to audiences you may not otherwise have reached.
Some of these social bookmarking sites have become mini social networks in their own right, with hoardes of people trawling through other peoples bookmarks for specific topics and content, and voting on the bookmarks they like.

A Source of Back-Links

For each Social Bookmark you make, you get a back-link to your webpage.  Back-links are one of the primary factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the more of these you have, generally, the higher ranking your page will have in the search engines.
If you bookmark your site over a dozen or more social bookmarking networks, and encourage others to bookmark your pages too, you can see a nice growth in back-links and subsequent search rankings.

A Source of Free Traffic

In addition to the additional traffic you will see from having higher search engine rankings, there is also the audience of the social bookmarking site itself to consider.
People hunt the popular links on these sites – the popular bookmarks are typically where more people have bookmarked the page giving the page an element of social proof; if so many other people think that a
particular webpage is cool, chances are it’s worth looking at, right?
Your goal is to provide valuable content, and to encourage people to help promote and share your webpage for you – the better you get at this, the better the results you will get.
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