Internet Marketing Business Essentials – A Content Syndication Strategy

Written by geordiejimb

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Your Internet Marketing Business should have at least one online marketing strategy to help get your business, your name, your product, or your service in front of as many targeted eyes as possible.

One strategy you can utilize is that of Content Syndication – share and spread your content (articles, videos, blog posts, documents) as far and wide as you can across the internet.  Some of this can also be done offline, but that falls outside the scope of this article.

Below is an outline of a strategy I use, including why I choose this approach, what benefits I get from doing it, and even some additional ways still open to me to improve this strategy further.

Begin With An Article

Articles are a great way to gain exposure and showcase your expertise when you are building your Internet Marketing business, so I begin with a keyword rich article.  As hard as I try, my first article is almost always about double the number of words I need – this is fine for what I am going to be doing with it, and is often the inspiration for another article.

Blog Your Article

I post the fresh article on my blog, typically as a draft only at this point.  I give it another review and make it Ezine Article (EZA) ready.   Often this means cutting out half of the words, and any images I’ve used.

At this point it is still a draft-only, it doesn’t appear on the Blog yet, and that suits our needs.

Remember – a blog is a very powerful tool in building your Internet Marketing Business, if you don’t have one, it’s worth looking into.

Submit To Article Directory

Using the Ezine Articles WordPress plugin, I submit it to EZA, using post tags for keywords, and typically a custom Resource Box relevant to the post itself, including anchor-text links back to this blog post as the source of the article, and often back to the home page for my blog, or possible a link elsewhere if the article was a review or promotion of a product or service.

Finish The Blog Post

Once submitted to EZA, I return to the full version of the article and make it blog ready; checking format, keywords, images, and the title until it’s ready for the world to see.  Articles need to be concise, and to the point – but blog posts don’t, especially when they are a how-to, or some kind of tutorial, type of post.  In these cases you want enough detail to clearly, and fully, explain the issue or process for other people to follow.

In my Internet Marketing Business model, my blog is the central hub for everything I do.  All of the content I distribute links back to the blog, and more links means better search engine rankings, and more traffic to the blog.

Your Article, in Other Formats – Word, PDF, PPT…

Just because you’ve written the blog post and submitted the article doesn’t mean you are done, far from it in fact.  The more places you present your content, the more exposure you will get for your Internet Marketing Business.

That nice blog post, including pictures and formatting, can quite easily be modified into a MS Word, and/or Adobe PDF document, and submitted to any number of the Document Sharing sites (e.g.: Scribd).

Search Engines, like Google, actually index the content of the document, not just the name of the file, so these documents function like articles for search results.  Not to mention you get another back-link to your site and another audience of fresh eyes for your content.

Unlike articles, you can sprinkle these documents with other links, even banner ads and so forth (but make sure to check site rules, and test whether these promote or harm your efforts by using them).

An additional benefit of Doc Sharing is that you get to brand the document, if you choose, with your Internet Marketing Business logo, tagline, personal photo… whatever it is that distinguishes you and your Internet Marketing Business from the crowd.

More Formats?

You can also recycle your content and:

  • Make a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Read it out loud and make an audio file.
  • Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video.
  • Sit in front of a camera and briefly discuss the subject matter – a one or two minute intro to your content directing them to your article or blog for more info.

Again, every time you submit content, it’s another back-link, and another audience to ‘see your stuff’.

Different people respond to different formats of information, so the more formats you put it in, the better your chances are of connecting with people interested in your material.

And now that your content is out there, is that it?  Not even close…

Social Media

No doubt you have Social Media profiles on at least some of the big few sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn).  If you are involved in building an Internet Marketing Business, you should be on these networks, if you aren’t, go do it, now – Social Media offers huge exposure potential!

Assuming you are, you should have these accounts integrated together so that your blog and EZA accounts automatically post your new content out to your networks.  If you haven’t hooked them all together, just copy the links and post them yourself, only takes a minute or two.

You will probably have to post your own links for the other content formats, but it’s worth the time and effort.

You can do this as well for any relevant groups you belong to, and any membership sites.

In most cases, you are generating new back-links to your content, and giving your content much more exposure than just hoping for article views and search traffic for your blog.

If you write something outstanding, the odds of your social networking friends sharing your content with their friends is pretty high – and viral exposure can mean lots more fresh eyes on your content.

Social Bookmarking your Content

This one can be a little hit and miss over the value of doing it – some people believe it’s best to not social bookmark your own content, but you have to start somewhere right?  Until you build a loyal following of some kind to do this for you, go ahead and do it yourself.

There are tons of social bookmark sites around the internet (StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious), and several very convenient services that help you post to multiple bookmark sites with a single submission.

The aim here is to increase the number of back-links, and it’s another source of exposure, yet more fresh eyes from people browsing the social bookmark site itself.

You can do this for every blog post, every article, and every other piece of content you post on the Internet.

Pinging Your Content

Pinging involves sending a message out to the search engines to tell them your website, or blog, has new content.  This can provide a boost to your search engine ranking because the search engines love websites with fresh content.

There are several approaches to ping your content, but by far the most convenient approach I’ve found is to let your blog do it for you.

I build my blogs on the WordPress platform, and a handy utility this provides is that WordPress will automatically ping as many sites as you can to tell it to, every time you add a new page, or post, or make updates.

You’ll also want to ping every other unique Url you have created in this process, for any:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Documents (Word, PDF, PPT)
  • Social Bookmarks

RSS Feeds

Another addition to this strategy is to create RSS feeds for your content posts (articles, videos, docs, ppt, pdf) – whatever the content is, create an RSS feed and submit it to RSS aggregator websites.  Yet again, more links, and another audience.

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