Internet Marketing Business Essentials – Autoresponders

Written by geordiejimb

Topics: Internet Marketing

Essential to any Internet Marketing Business are the right tools to both make the job easier, and to get the job done right.  Autoresponders are something you really need to use.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a piece of software designed to send out emails automatically to any email address supplied to it; most commonly used in Internet Marketing and Email Marketing to follow up with your subscribers (i.e. people who opt-in to your mailing list).

How does an Autoresponder work?

Before anyone signs up to your list, you will need to write some follow-up email messages for your auto repsonder to send out.  Then, at predefined intervals, your autoresponder software will send out the email to your subscribers automatically.  No matter how many people subscribe to you, your messages will reach them all.

You can schedule pieces of information to go out one piece at a time, over several days, weeks, months or at whatever interval you wish – this can be useful for a number of reasons such as promoting upcoming events, splitting up larger chunks of info to keep your subscribers hungry, or – and this is the big one – done right, it can be used to build a relationship with that subscriber without you ever even having to write them an email direct.

How can an autoresponder help with your Internet Marketing Business?

When it comes to an Internet Marketing Business, an autoresponder is your best friend.  The Internet allows you to generate leads for your business 24/7; your website doesn’t shut up shop at 5pm because the whistle blew, it doesn’t need lunch breaks, and it doesn’t get sick when the big game is on TV.

If your site has traffic all day everyday, you need a way of reaching out to those people who take the time to subscribe to your site 24/7 too.

Your autoresponder can send out an instant welcome, or thank you, type message to your subscriber, and can follow-up with them at pre-defined intervals to help your subscribers get to know you, come to like you, and learn to trust you – the three key elements of turning subscribers into customers.

Converting Subscribers Into Customers

Considering it typically takes 7-12 touch points before a customer makes a decision to purchase something, it’s vital to your business that you spend the time and effort focusing on building up the relationship with your subscribers.

An autoresponder allows you to do this by staying in constant contact with them, as long as they stay subscribed, and by providing something of value (preferably for free, and at the very least something far more valuable than the price of the item), in each of those communications.

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