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How to Keep a Positive Mindset and Achieve Your Goals

29 December 2010


If you aren’t one yourself, I bet you know one.  You know – that person at work who blames everything on other people, the team mate who doesn’t pull their weight and always has an excuse why they aren’t performing. Most people have, at one time or another, felt down.  We’ve all been stressed at [...]

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My Head Is Full Of Big Rocks, Thanks To Dr Stephen R. Covey!

6 December 2010

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Kids can sometimes be cruel.  It might not always be intentional, or meant the way an adult would interpret it, but kids can say some awful things to one another. You’ve no doubt heard expressions like: One can short of a six-pack. One card short of a deck. One slice short of a loaf. Not [...]

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7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Energy Without Needing an Energy Drink

2 December 2010


While energy drinks, in moderation, aren’t necessarily bad for your health, there are better ways of improving your energy levels. For a lot of people trying to build their own Internet Marketing Business, they are doing it part time, after work, and often in addition to raising a family. Making time to work is one [...]

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The Benefit of Mind And Body Self Development

28 November 2010


It’s my firm belief that one can’t truly be both happy and successful without both physical and mental development.  Yes of course there are exceptions, but in general, and certainly for me, it takes both. - Why both? When I am physically healthy I have more energy, I can concentrate better, and I’m better able [...]

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7 Benefits Of Reading A Good Book That Can Help Grow Your Internet Marketing Business

8 November 2010


Long before I was ever building an Internet Marketing Business, even as far back as I recall, as young as nine or ten years old, I was an avid book reader.  We read in school of course, but even outside of school I read voraciously. Back then it was mostly fiction books.  When I progressed [...]

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